Updated 6/5/2023

Welcome to Oakside Ragdolls

We have kittens available!

Though small, we’ve had some beautiful babies, a fact we gratefully attribute to the strength of the award winning lines with which we started.  Our foundation cats were carefully screened and tested before joining our homes, including negative DNA testing for both known hereditary mutations of HCM.

Our cats are first and foremost members of the family.  If you’re new to the breed, you will quickly learn a Ragdoll is not “just” a cat.  You’ll often hear them described as being dog-like, and we’ve found that to be very true.  Whether being super affectionate or just super nosey, they can’t stand not being in the same room making sure they’re not being left out of something exciting.   With their docile temperaments and genuine need to be involved with their families, a properly socialized Ragdoll is an experience not to be missed.